1. KC Chub Ellie Chex  aka 'Ellie'  AQHA #5070630  2007 bay mare by KC.  Ellie has a pretty head, thin neck and good withers. She is a well balanced pretty mare. A dark bay, black to her knees and hocks and that natural shine. Chex and Doc Bar top and bottom. She has had 90 days of professional training and has been turned out since for the last year. 
$2500 OBO  
Pedigree SOLD!


  aka "Mink" AQHA # 5391843, is a 2011 cute,, little, bay mare
with and extremely fine head and a personable, willing mind.  Her dam is #2 "Dink"  and her full
sister is #1"Ellie"  on this page. She has had 90 days of training and has been worked over trail trial obstacles.
Pedigree SOLD!


6. KC DOCS POCO CHEX  aka "Icle" is a 2013 bay mare out of Butternut and by
KC.  She is a classy pretty headed mare. She has had 90 days with the trainer at a feedlot. 
Pedigree SOLD!

7. SONOITA TUCKER CHEX aka "Modette" is a small 2013 bay mare out of Mo
and by KC.  Modette is a cute, smart little mare who picks things up very quickly. 
Pedigree SOLD!

8. “KC Poco Tucker Chex” is a 2019 zebra dun filly. AQHA # 5960721.


9. KC DUN IT CHEX aka 'Perli' is a 2019 Perlino stud colt.  AQHA # 5965444
Pedigree SOLD!

10. KC WIZY REMEDY CHEX aka 'Wizzie' is a 2019 bay filly.  AQHA # 9582274
Pedigree SOLD!




11. 'KC Tuf Sparken Chex' aka 'Roanie' 2019 buckskin roan
Pedigree SOLD!



12. KC Tari Lynx Chex”  aka 'Bucky' is a  2019 buckskin studcolt.  AQHA # 5982273
Pedigree SOLD!



13. "KC Acres O Tari Chex" aka 'Tari Star'  is a 2017 bay filly.  AQHA # 5837904
Pedigree SOLD!



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