At KC Bar Foundation Quarter Horses we strive to raise intelligent, versatile,
good minded, athletic horses, with correct conformation and eye catching
good looks.


KC Bar is a small operation located in Northern California's Sacramento Valley. We became involved in breeding foundation quarter horses when a close friend's health failed and he could no longer operate his breeding business. He had been refining his foundation Quarter Horse breeding line for nearly forty years, and had a few excellent mares and an exceptional stud, Tommy T Chex. Besides excellent foundation breeding, his horses had a reputation for good conformation and exceptional minds. They were kind, intelligent, willing, capable, athletic and attractive.

 Not wanting to lose this great supply of riding horses, we purchased his stallion and a couple of his mares. We also purchased a few outside mares to breed to Tommy, but within 6 months of starting our new operation we lost Tommy to colic. We had an excellent broodmare band but were in need of a stud. In 2001 we purchased KC Buckaroo Chexx as a weanling. He is foundation bred, well muscled and has correct conformation, great feet, heavy bone, a big hip, a good back and a performance background. KC also has a soft, kind mind, attractive head and is buckskin to boot! To date KC is producing 80% color.

We intend to continue the breeding program started over 40 years ago, to produce correct, foundation bred performance horses with gentle, willing minds and versatile athletic ability.


Trainer Mike Grider and "Ed"

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KC Bar Foundation Quarter Horses
King & Carol Wilson
6190 County Rd. 22
Orland, CA. 95963
Phone: 530-865-9002



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